All of our products support both reMarkable 1 and 2

Every app you will need for your reMarkable tablet
Every App Bundle

Every App Bundle

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Everything you need in one place

Includes lifetime version updates with each app in the bundle

Compatible with all reMarkable versions

Includes: Windows, macOS, and Linux versions


Sync your notebooks or documents from your reMarkable device to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, ZOHO, iCloud and more! It is fast, secure, and very convenient.  Also, transform your notebooks on the fly by duplicating a single page in your notebook or adding an image on the fly.

Template Installer

Upload custom templates to your reMarkable tablet with the ease of drag and drop. It's so easy and painless. We also keep a backup of all of your templates should you need to restore your changes.


Customize every screen on your reMarkable tablet. Perfect for displaying your logo, sticky notes or even showing devotion to your favorite sports team. Turn heads at the coffee shop and give your tablet a look of its own.

Support Tool

Keep your reMarkable tablet functioning as good as new with this app. Restore your templates after each firmware update, verify your tablets connection with a push of a button, and clear its cache to get more space for storing your notebooks.

Your documents kept private and secure

Your documents are yours, and we will never do anything to violate your privacy, which includes storing or sharing anything without your permission.

Supports all major operating systems

requires a 64-bit operating system

Get detailed instructions on how to install our software here