Einkpads | Binder Installation Instructions & How to Guide

Sync your notebooks or documents from your reMarkable device to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, ZOHO, iCloud and more with our Einkpads Binder! It is fast, secure and very convenient. 

Installation Instructions version 1.5.x

We have provided a downloadable desktop application available for Windows and MacOS. This application will allow you to install your custom Einkpads Binder.

If you need help while installing or using any of our software check out our How to videos.

The following is a comprehensive "How to" guide which will walk you through all of the instructions needed to install our Einkpads Binder.

  1. To install, click on the link you receive in your email after completing the checkout process.

  2. Open the archive (.dmg on mac and .zip on windows and Linux) and extract all of its contents to a folder on your computer. **Make sure you are not launching the application from an archive viewer.

  3. On Windows, launch the executable file (.exe) and on MacOS, drag the app file to your application folder as shown in the archive.

    All version depend on Java and it must be installed prior to running the Template Installer. If you are getting error messages or if you're having issues running the app on windows, click on the link below.

    Setting up Java and other required system settings on Windows 10

    Linux users will need to ensure they have Java installed and run the following command to launch "java -jar einkpad.jar"  

    Linux users must ensure that they are running the correct Java version and not Open JDK. If you are running Open JDK, you must install OpenJFX. Our application relies on the libraries in JavaFX.

  4. Connect your reMarkable tablet to a computer with the provided USB cable.

  5. If your tablet is currently connected to WiFi, make sure that both your computer and the reMarkable tablet are connected to the same network.

  6. Once the application is running, you will notice a 'Connect' screen. Complete all fields and hit the 'Go Connect' button.

  7. If all of the information you entered is correct, you will be redirected to a screen with all of your notebooks represented in a grid format. There you can export individual notebooks or the entire contents of a folder to your cloud service of choice.

    Note: Make sure your notebooks are named without special characters and the name is unique within the folder.

  8. Click on the Action config icon in the top menu. Create an action by selecting the cloud service of choice from the menu.

    Important: In order for your notebooks to sync, you must have the desktop application installed for your cloud service of choice.

    Then choose your targeted folder designated by the cloud service application.

    Once you have created the actions, they will appear in the grid below the notebook thumbnail. Click the down arrow to reveal the available actions you created previously. By clicking an item within the context menu it will perform the action on the entire folder or on a specific notebook.

Common Issues:

  1. If you are having issues connecting. Make sure your tablet is connected to your computer via the provided USB cable and that you have the USB web interface option enabled in the Storage section within the reMarkable tablet settings.

  2. If you have more than 100 notebooks installed on your tablet, you may experience timeouts while syncing. Your reMarkable tablet has limited memory.
Windows 10
  1. Make sure that you name your notebooks without special characters or they will not sync properly.

    Windows file Naming Conventions