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Agile Sprint-Board

Agile Sprint-Board

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FREE Template. Expand for details.

To get your free template, follow these steps:

  1. Add any of our apps or the Every App Bundle to your cart. Click here to explore our apps
  2. Add a template to your cart. Templates are identified by a PNG icon at the lower left of the product image.
  3. Use the checkout code ANY-FREE-TEMPLATE.

Please note, this discount does not apply to template bundles or planners. Limited to one use per customer.

Perfekter Software-Entwicklungsbegleiter

Ein perfekter Begleiter, um Ihre JIRA-Aufgaben während des Sprints zu organisieren. Bietet einen klaren Überblick über laufende, erledigte und unvollständige Aufgaben. Füllen Sie die Kreise neben der Aufgabe aus, um die aufgewendete Zeit zu verfolgen. Wenn Sie ein Projektmanager sind, behalten Sie den Überblick über das Projekt und identifizieren Sie Elemente, bei denen die Gefahr besteht, dass sie von Teammitgliedern nicht in der vorgegebenen Zeit abgeschlossen werden.

Helpful Tips

How do I put this on my tablet?

You can import PDFs using the app available at remarkable.com. For PNGs, use either the Template Installer App or our Desktop Manager App (Binder) for installation.

What is the difference between a PDF and a PNG Template?

A PDF functions like a multi-page notebook, typically featuring fixed navigation. This means you cannot add custom templates to additional pages after creation. In contrast, PNGs serve as templates for alternating page backgrounds throughout your notebook, offering more flexibility to build it according to your needs. PDFs can be imported using the app available at remarkable.com, while PNGs need to be installed using either the Template Installer App or our Desktop Manager App (Binder).

How do I Personalize Screens on my tablet?

Personalizing your tablet screens can be a creative way to add personal information for protection in case your tablet is lost or stolen. Include your contact details so someone can reach you to return it. You can also add your logo or a photo of your favorite pet. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get as creative as you like.

To Install screens you will need our Screen Personalizer App (Splash).

Everything Guaranteed to work on all versions of the Remarkable Tablet

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