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The bundle offers every template and planner we sell, updated annually, with a promise of lifetime updates. Designed for your e-ink tablet, it aims to enhance productivity and creativity, and includes an easy-to-use Template Installer app.

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Legacy Planner

Discover the Legacy Planner from eInkPads: Your personal space to capture cherished memories and valuable advice for future generations

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  • love the product BTW.  I have been using for two weeks and the company has placed an order for 6 and i have likely sold 6 more in my travels from people seeing me using it.  Thank you for such a great product, and now the quick service as well!The software makes the tablet 100 times more functional.

  • SUCH a game-changer!  Holy moly.  My entire work flow’s already improved 1,000%, from uploaded iso/axon base drawings for client sketching, invoice/billable/contracts for immediate sending or vis-à-vis signing, to-do lists, project note templates, and all customized screens… thaaaaaaank you, thank you, thank you! 

  • Hugely appreciative, and going to recommend you to all my architecture and design rM peeps.  Right and left brain- both hemispheres enormously satisfied. 

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