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Tablet Maintenance app v2

Tablet Maintenance app v2

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Everything Guaranteed to work on all versions of the reMarkable Tablet

Having connection issues, or has all of your custom templates gone missing after a reMarkable update?

Our software lets you tune up your reMarkable so it continues to run the way it is intended. Tired of reinstalling your templates after each reMarkable update? Restore your previous settings with a click of a button.

Includes the following features:

This suite offers an array of enhancements to optimize your device's performance:

  1.  Ensure seamless WiFi and USB connectivity.
  2. Reclaim valuable storage by eliminating unnecessary system files.
  3. Effortlessly restore your templates if they're ever deleted.
  4. Troubleshoot and resolve any display issues with templates or passwords on your tablet.

Supports all major operating systems

requires a 64-bit operating system

requires that your network and computer are configured to support standard ssh protocols. 

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