Popular Aftermarket reMarkable Stylus Choices

Several aftermarket styluses can work well with the reMarkable tablet, offering a variety of features and price points. When choosing an aftermarket stylus, look for one that's compatible with EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology, as this is what the reMarkable uses for its pen input. Here are some popular choices:

Staedtler Noris Digital: Designed to look and feel like a traditional pencil, the Staedtler Noris Digital is a popular choice among reMarkable users for its comfortable grip and natural writing feel.

Lamy Al-Star Black EMR: This stylus is known for its ergonomic design and precision, making it a great choice for those who want a premium writing and drawing experience on their reMarkable tablet.

Samsung S Pen: Various S Pens from Samsung's Galaxy Note series and some Galaxy Tab series are compatible with the reMarkable tablet. They are praised for their pressure sensitivity and accuracy.

Wacom Bamboo Sketch: This stylus is known for its fine tip and pressure sensitivity, offering a natural and precise writing experience that complements the reMarkable's paper-like display.

Remarkable Marker Plus: Although not an aftermarket option, the reMarkable Marker Plus is an official accessory that offers a premium writing experience with additional features like an eraser function.

When selecting an aftermarket stylus, consider factors such as weight, grip comfort, tip durability, and whether it has features like pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition. Additionally, it's always a good idea to read reviews and possibly test the stylus with your device to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with its performance.