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Template Installer

Template Installer

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Helpful Tips

What format should my templates or screens be in?

Templates or screens must be created as PNG images without transparency and should be 1404 x 1872 pixels in size. To keep file sizes low, use images created at 72 dpi.

What hardware do I need to run your apps?

You will need an Apple or Windows computer connected via USB or Wi-Fi. Make sure to use a USB-C cable that supports data transfer, as not all cables are compatible.

Do I need your apps to install templates and screens?

Our apps are not required to install templates or screens. However, without our apps, you will need advanced technical skills, an FTP program on your computer, and an understanding of JSON data structures.

Do you have walkthrough videos for your apps?

You can find more help by watching our videos here.

What are the differences between your apps?

eInkPads Template Installer

Easily install custom templates on your reMarkable tablet with a user-friendly interface, no technical expertise required.

reMarkable Desktop App (Binder)

Manage your reMarkable tablet from your computer. Install Templates, Customize Screens, Sync files, organize documents, and transfer content seamlessly.

Screen Personalizer (Splash)

Customize your tablet screens with personal information, logos, or photos. Ensure your tablet stands out and includes return information in case it’s lost.

Tablet Maintenance App

Keep your tablet running smoothly with this all-in-one maintenance tool. Optimize performance, manage storage, and perform regular system checks effortlessly.

You can find a complete breakdown of the differences of each one of our apps here.

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The necessary companion for your reMarkable tablet

Installs any template with ease. Ones you create or the ones you find on our site.

Does not include template restoration capabilities. For this feature and more, see Template Installer Pro.

Templates are PNG image files that live in the background of your notebooks. They are different than PDFS because they are dynamic, which means as you add pages to your notebook, the template is also added to each page. So each page in your notebook can have an entirely different template. PDFS are fixed, and you can not add or remove pages in them.

We know you are like us and are tired of the standard templates and need more functionality. This product is definitely for you. The app also supports the remarkable 1 & 2.

Install any template with ease on your reMarkable paper tablet. Drag, drop and get productive. Use your creations or download one from our store.

Your purchase also includes free support. If you have any issues during installation,  reach out to us and we will gladly get you up and running.

Make your reMarkable remarkable.

Your documents kept private and secure

Your documents are yours, and we will never do anything to violate your privacy, which includes storing or sharing anything without your permission.

Supports all major operating systems
requires a 64-bit operating system.

Everything Guaranteed to work on all versions of the reMarkable Tablet

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